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Funding an In-Home ABA Program
Finding funds for your program is the toughest thing to do. ABA programs can be costly, although you do have options and resources.

Medical Insurance: Ohio is not a state which has mandated insurance coverage for ABA services. However, insurance companies are under tremendous pressure to cover services for children with autism spectrum disorders so it is encouraged to contact your insurance company to ask about approval for ABA services. To find out more about your insurance coverage, contact your insurance company and ask about receiving Applied Behavior Analysis therapy for your child diagnosed with autism. If you have a case manager, contact them first. They may transfer you a few times, but keep calling. Be persistent – find the right person to talk to, take their name and direct phone number.

  • Chrysalis Autism Services supports Ohio’s HB8. HB8 is pending legislation which prohibits health insurers from excluding coverage for specified services for individuals diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. To learn more about advocacy efforts in regard to HB8, go to

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation Grant: You may be elgible for this grant if you insurance company will not cover ABA services.

Tricare: Tricare is medical insurance provided for active duty service members. The service is TRICARE’s Autism Services Demonstration, an enhanced benefit under the ECHO program. Through this service, family members meeting certain criteria can access Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services from participating providers. Chrysalis Autism Services is a provider for Tricare Echo and the Autism Services Demonstration Project.

Ohio Autism Scholarship: The Autism Scholarship Program allows the Ohio Department of Education to pay a scholarship to the parents of a qualified child with autism. The scholarship gives parents a choice of sending their child to a special education program, other than the one operated by their child’s school district, to receive the services outlined in the child’s individualized education program (IEP). To find more information about the Ohio Autism Scholarship, go to

Ohio Medicaid and Waivers: Waivers are an alternative to institutions or ICF/MR (Intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded) and allows participants to live at home or in a community setting with supports. Waivers can provide respite care hours which some families may choose to ask providers to implement strategies using the principles of applied behavior analysis. Unfortunately, most counties have long waiting lists for the waivers and it can be difficult for families to ‘navigate the system.’ Regardless, Chysalis Autism Services encourages all families to enroll in waiting lists for both the Independent Options (I/O) and the Level One waivers as soon as possible. Additionally, families may be able to pay for some services using Family and Community Resource monies. Contact your counties’ Department of Developmental Disabilities for more information.

Make a Payment: We accept all forms of private payments: cash, checks, and credit cards. For your convenience, you can now use PayPal to make credit card payments.