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  • Direct therapy with child utilizing the principles of ABA/VB
  • Development of behavior plan and/or treatment plan based on the individual child.s needs and strengths
  • Training team members/parents, related professionals
  • Evaluation of team members
  • Team teaching with team members/parents
  • Collaborating with professionals in related services (speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc.) in regard to child.s programming, goals and progress
  • Collaborating with school programs
  • Attending Individual Education Program (IEP) meetings
  • Completion and maintenance of the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS)

*Please feel free to contact Lisa Flake regarding fees for services.




  • What is ABA/VB? The Basics
  • Verbal Operants
  • Manding
  • Reinforcement
  • Natural Environment Training

*Lisa Flake is also happy to tailor a training topic to the needs of an organization interesting in providing a workshop.